About Us

Our aim is to develop long term business relationships with our clients and work with candidates throughout the span of their career.  This is what makes us unique in our approach and can genuinely be seen in the relationships we have with clients and the candidates we have helped along their way.

To ensure that we have the maximum rapport with our clients and candidates, each member of our team has at least 6 years specialist knowledge in their field, to make sure they give in-depth unrivalled advice.  Having come from a management and an engineering background, our directors have worked for top technical recruitment firms in the City, becoming well known in their industry sectors and gaining numerous accolades for their professional and high speed recruitment methods.

We set ourselves apart from the rest in the following ways:

  • You will only be dealing with Senior Level Consultants who are experts in their field and not trainees who may be learning at your expense.
  • We provide a 24 hour international service.
  • Velocity partners are relationships we have formed with companies who are specialists in their area. They will be working with us on candidate sourcing, advertising, client marketing campaigns and advising our clients on any legal recruitment issues.
  • Our track record is proven and our testimonials are real.
  • The depth of our services make us stand out in a crowded market.