BEE the best you can BEE

Do you remember the old ‘norm’? It does seem a distant memory! So, we are thinking about the potential new ‘norm’ and how, no matter what that looks like from a job point of view, the skill of employability can be nurtured. Whilst some people are naturally ‘gifted’, being employable is a skill that can be taught, nurtured and developed at any age – even if you do feel like you are going feral and have forgotten what humans outside of your immediate family look like. That’s where something like BEE Interviewed comes in, an event that gives young people invaluable life skills as they head into the world of word.

Velocity Recruitment is very proud to support the BEE Interviewed event which sees groups of students applying for real job roles with real professionals. The students will write cover letters, submit CVs and even face the dreaded interview stage – all under the watchful eye of experienced recruiters.

Back in the day (about six weeks ago) Velocity Recruitment took part in a BEE Interviewed event – it was the perfect opportunity for companies to volunteer their time and expertise. With our expertise in recruitment we were more than happy to help out. Our Recruitment Consultant, Regan Green who specialises in commercial and interior construction sectors and is a master at preparing candidates for interviews – even the ones who are still at school.

Here’s what Regan had to say:
“What a day it was! Just going through the CV’s I am filled with enthusiasm for the next generation entering the workforce. I was very happy to lend my expertise and help the students to get the tools they need to understand the importance of that first impression, which is usually left by the pen! Developing readable and appropriate paperwork for their working lives is key.

Now the interview stages, it doesn’t matter who you are, job interviews are a nerve-wracking experience. And we didn’t let up, creating an authentic interview experience for these students did put them under pressure but myself and the other volunteers were fair and encouraging.

All in all it’s an experience I would recommend to all businesses who can spare some time. It’s important to me and everyone at Velocity Recruitment that we help turn these bright young students into employable adults.”

If you want to volunteer get in touch with BEE Interviewed here, it’s incredibly rewarding and every business (regardless of sector) will be able to offer knowledge these students might not get until they leave education.