Interview Questions

Why do you want to leave your current role?

Never be critical of your past employer or colleagues and stick to the facts do not bring personal feelings into it. Alternatively, focus on the positive aspects of that experience.

Tell me about yourself?

Stress your achievements. Focus on your background and a few professional and personal accomplishments. Think “highlights”.

Why are you interested in this position?

Your research should be useful here. Discuss what good skills you can bring, what interests you about them and how you feel it has long term potential for you.

What are your strengths?

Relate this to the role you are being interviewed for i.e. technical, managerial, your approach.

In what areas do you need further development?

Don’t be too self critical, highlight weaknesses that you can show you are taking steps to improve and remain positive that they will be improved.

How would you describe your most recent job performance?

Highlight positives and how you achieved them.

What can you bring to our company?

Mention specific accomplishments that show your abilities and determination to succeed in this job.

What is your long term Career Plan?

Mention you are keen to grasp the role and become involved in any opportunities along the way.