Types Of Work

We operate in the two primary recruitment markets when it comes to job types. They are roles where you join our clients on a permanent basis and join their PAYE scheme and gain the associated benefits of their full company career, pay and extended benefits.

Along with roles where you join our clients on some form of fixed term and/or rolling contract where you offer your services as a Temp/Contractor/Interim candidate. These roles have their own pay and benefit systems along with contractual terms that differ in some ways to traditional PAYE employment.

Permanent Jobs – Pros & Cons

Pros: Job Security, structured career path, paid training, dedicated progression paths, a sense of community & higher/wider company benefits scheme (paid holidays etc)

Cons: Lower pay than Temp/Contract/Interim roles, wider range of tasks than you might enjoy per post & progression can be limited

Temp/Contract/Interim Jobs – Pros & Cons

Pros: Higher rates of pay, tax advantages, choose your own career path, work on specific/specialist task you enjoy only

Cons: Can be seen as an outsider, job security can be limited, usually you pay for your own training & associated benefits can be lower

For more information on how we deal with Temp/Contract & interim staff at Velocity please follow this link.