What We Need From You

In simple terms it all starts with a CV, you can send that to us various ways including using the features on our websites to submit a CV and if you don’t have one or yours is out of date, you can use our online template form to make one. CV’s most certainly can’t gain you a job all by themselves but they can in some cases lose you a chance to even interview.

That is why we advice best practice is to get yours to us a soon as you can. Having had thousands of them pass through our hands in the years we have been recruiting, we are well positioned to tell you what our clients want to see and more importantly what they don’t.

The best way for us to get the best for you from our client base and the wider job market to meet with you and have an informal but frank discussion about you, your skills and your experiences. That meeting should ideally take place in our offices in London, naturally if your living/working abroad then service like Skype will suffice in the interim. We are a people orientated business and getting to know you is a key objective at Velocity, the better we know you the better we can represent you.

As the process gets underway we need your solid commitment to attend interviews and to do the preparation we suggest for you on each client. While your skills maybe in high demand clients in most cases still have choices and they will exercise those choices in many ways from not offing you a job to offering you lower rates of pay than you might expect. All of which can be avoided through some simple preparation and showing a commitment to get to know the potential employers.

As the hiring cycle kicks into action its then time for you follow the steps in our interview guide and to give us open and honest feedback about your meetings with our client, we are not afraid of bad news and no matter how hard we try not every job you go for will be right for you (or you may not be right for the employer). However the sooner we know where we are at the sooner we can negotiate your job offer or your alternative interview destinations.

Recruitment is a simple process if you just keep the aforementioned basics in mind and remember to keep us informed.