Advanced Services

Managing Recruitment Advertising Campaigns

  • Recruitment marketing strategies (what approach, for which media, related to the role); with advice on when and where to advertise to get the best response.
  • Planning and designing recruitment advertising campaigns in online and offline media.
  • Design/production of creative advertisements, appropriate to the role and function, and supporting the employer branding and corporate creative.
  • Providing preferential advertising rates, based on the agencies special terms; and placing advertising on behalf of the client.
  • Monitoring the volume and quality of applications at each stage of the recruitment process, analysing the responses and reports on campaign success.
  • Receiving and processing the responses/applications generated from the advertising campaign, whether by email, websites or direct mail.
  • Providing a dedicated recruitment coordinator for intensive recruitment campaigns. Job profiling/descriptions
  • Systematic job analysis to ensure that competencies are accurately defined and reflect the organisation’s objectives, designing job templates so that accurate and consistent details are available for candidates and employees


  • Conducting interviews and open days; including sourcing the candidates, booking suitable venues, arranging the interviews with candidates and submitting interview reports to the client with recommendations as required.

Benchmarking Rates/Salaries/Benefits

  • Surveys and analysis of a sector or an area showing average salaries commanded, terms and conditions, pay or other trends, skills which are at a premium, competitor salary ranges and benefit packages.

Market Intelligence

  • Reports on the employment related trends in the client’s market, area or sector which may affect their business, such as availability of staffing; including reference to competitor activities where known and relevant (e.g. new appointments).

Legal updates

  • Fact sheets concerning new and pending legislation, seminars and briefing meetings to update on these or other changes so that clients are able to plan and manage their resources more efficiently and within the law.

Management Reports

  • Reports on the recruitment and staffing activity carried out by the agency for the client; could include advertising response, time to fill data, reports on equal opportunities performance, costs per role, etc.

Progress Reports

  • Reports generated while campaigns, search & selection or other activity is underway (eg on vacancy coverage, costs incurred, sources of candidates, time to hire, etc); provided as and when requested by the client or to an agreed schedule. Reports sent to the client or presented at a review meeting with the relationship manager or agency team.

Assessment Centres

  • Organising and managing assessment centres, booking the facilities, arranging for experienced interviewers and assessors to attend, liaising with candidates.
  • Setting up and facilitating interview panels from among client staff, liaising with candidates.

Employee Referral Schemes

  • Designing and building employee referral schemes to generate applications for vacant roles, among client staff; creating internal communication campaigns, managing responses and applications.

Assessment of Internal Applicants

  • Assessment of employees who wish to apply for a role; treating them the same as external candidates and applying the same screening and seiection criteria.

Candidate Testing/Profiling

  • Professional profiling/testing backed by industry leading businesses such as Saville and Holdsworth and Thomas International. Also testing of technical skills (e.g. in IT, engineering where an essential requirement for a role).

Reference checking

  • Checking references, credentials, qualifications, right to work in the UK; for all levels of staffing including background research on senior candidates.

Some advanced service depend on access to information that is not available in the core recruitment processes operated and may therefore require the use of third party data and or personnel all of who will be task/project managed by Velocity.