Executive Search

Executive Search, or Headhunting as some prefer to call it, is a mainstay of the modern recruitment market. Based upon the principal that the best talent in some fields/job types either don’t have the time, need or inclination to search for a new job. Search cuts to the heart of this candidate market with a direct and qualified approach to the individuals concerned.

At Velocity we are very much a Search firm of the traditional kind, the kind that formally maps out the people in the market to get a detailed knowledge for who they are, what they have achieved and how they may benefit the employers that we represent. The principal of search is set in finding you the best and while online forums like LinkedIn, Trade Journals, Blogs etc can expose some of the people there is no real substitute for traditional research, research which carries with it the knowledge and know how to set us apart at our final destination which is speaking to the potential recruit.

Good quality research and networking brings with it the depth of rapport that can only express tot he candidate that they are genuinely being targeted rather than randomly selected.