Keep the fun, take to fantasy football

If you are anything like us at Velocity, you have been missing out on the fun and camaraderie that comes with the footy, however throughout lockdown we have found a great team building alternative.

Throughout the season the Velocity team, along with clients and candidates, has been taking part in a fantasy football league with a whopping £500 prize going straight to the winner’s chosen charity.

Whilst the prize is a great incentive, for us at Velocity the activity promotes team building and in the current climate we need that more than ever. The fact is that many of us are in lockdown with our nearest and dearest but for some of the younger people in our office are working and living alone. Regularly catching up about our football league and throwing some unsavory language about our rival teams has been a great morale booster.

But, without further ado, the all important results:

Taking home the trophy for this season is Dominic Littleford and his team “Not Firmino Jeff”. With 2332 points, Dominic has nominated Breast Cancer Now as his chosen charity and they will soon be receiving the cheque for £500. Well done Dominic!

It is worth noting that hot on the heels of Dominic was Lionel Shakespeare-Lynch and his “Muchtodoaboutnothin” team who managed to close the gap over the 38 games finishing the season with 2305 points.

Now it wouldn’t be a fantasy football league without congratulating the player with the best team name. This season that particular honor goes to George Austin and his team “Seshlehem Town FC”. Well done George, you take home a sense of satisfaction that no monetary prize could buy!

Whatever you do to boost morale with your team during lockdown, make sure it is inclusive, accessible and most importantly fun! These are strange times but as Britain gets back to work we don’t want to lose what we are renowned for around the world…office banter!