Keeping business as usual – as it can be!

The term ‘business as usual’ seems like a distant concept in the current climate. While we are still a way to go until normal operation is resumed, the wheels of the built environment sector continue to turn, albeit a bit slower. And as the world does return to normal, whenever that may be, there are positions that need to be filled now and when the market return – with gusto!

It’s the ‘today-way’ of interviews

Positions here at Velocity are becoming much sought after too, this week I have completed two telephone interviews for job roles. Just because you aren’t in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t get a strong understanding of someone’s skillset, personality and key attributes about whether they’ll fit into the team.

Here’s a few tips for conducting professional job interviews over the phone or with video conferences, it’s aimed more at interviewees but flip it around if you are the interviewer – it’s always a good idea to put yourself in someone else’s shoes sometimes:

  1. Address the elephant in the room – We are all in this together, there is no reason to pretend that everything is running as it was pre-pandemic. During your short introduction, briefly explain how the Corona Virus is affecting the day-to-day operations of the position in question and especially how the role will change post-pandemic. This level of honesty will demonstrate your empathy and understanding of your marketplace – and fellow human beings!
  2. Prepare, just not too much – Interviews can be a nerve-wracking-experience, but a seasoned interviewer is skilled at putting candidates at ease as they enter the office, virtual or three dimensional! With the added separation of the telephone adds a new layer of anxiety for a particularly nervous interviewee. A cause of this is the script-like presentation, we’ve all been there – entering a phone interview with a list of questions (which is a good thing) but read it as a list with no organic deviation means that the interview has turned into a quiz and the interview becomes a competition – with right and wrong answers, not a good environment for bringing out the best in future prospects. So, treat an interview as a fluid conversation with a fellow professional.
  3. Take care of yourself – Self-isolation is important, but self-care is essential. Don’t schedule more than two to three hours max of telephone or video interviews per day. If you are burned out, this is very apparent to an interviewer and may misrepresent you.

These are strange times but we all must work together to ensure we come out of the other side with our professionalism, dignity and empathy intact. And, while ‘business as usual’ might not be possible at the moment – we can still be ready for when it is.

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Stay inside and stay safe.