‘Phase Two’ begins…

Last week we spoke about the new guidelines and safe working in the construction sector based on the Prime Minister’s three-step road map to recovery. The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has also outlined their three-stage plan for the industry’s recovery.  As we enter phase two, there some important considerations to all those in the industry…

Covered in the previous blog here, we know how working on a construction site will change in the wake of Covid. That covers the ‘restart’ phase of CLC’s three step plan, so what is in store for the ‘reset’ phase of the plan? This focuses on increasing workloads for the sector in both infrastructure and housing. This phase also addresses the need to compensate for the loss of productivity brought on by social distancing guidelines.

One element of the plan that particularly appeals to us at Velocity is the ‘professionalism’ section. Investing in training and skills is something we feel very strongly about and believe this will play a key role in the future of construction.

Looking slightly ahead at the ‘transformation’ section we can see the CLC wants to sustain economic growth through the adoption of digital technologies. We believe the two elements are tied together and tackle another industry issue, the skills gap.

According to the Chief Executive of The Federation of Master Builders:
‘We’ve been experiencing a severe shortage of bricklayers and carpenters for quite some time —[and] skills shortages are now seeping into other key trades such as roofers and plumbers. Indeed, of the 15 key trades and occupations we monitor, 40% show skills shortages…’

We believe that the adoption of these digital technologies make the sector more appealing to the younger generation, the digital natives who are used to smart technology. Bringing in the next generation is integral to building a sustainable economy, building accommodation for a growing population, and using their digital skills to discover new and better ways of doing things.

Digital technology can increase productivity, address waste production, and even reduce carbon emissions. But the sector will not see any of those benefits without skilled tradesmen continuing to enter construction. That’s why at Velocity we are championing training. Now more than ever the construction industry needs skilled workers, sites are opening and there are jobs up for grabs. For more information on the most sought-after training credentials, get in touch today.