Removing the red tape

It looks like construction is going to get very busy, very soon with two announcements from the Prime Minister.

Firstly, the Green Deal. A radical new initiative that gives the British public the opportunity to make energy-saving improvements to their homes. Homeowners can choose from insulation, heating, draught-proofing, double glazing or renewable energy generation (solar panels or heat pumps etc). Now the benefits of this are two-fold, it’s fantastic that the government is actively pursuing a cleaner environment, this is important and we all need to make an effort to help. The Green Deal gives all homeowners the tools to do so. Taking just the solar panels, say you lived in the London area, solar panels could save you between £100-£240 a year on your electricity bills. Couple this with reduced emissions from power plants and Britain could be leading the way in green homes in a few years.

The Green Deal doesn’t just help homeowners but also business owners. With the government footing the bill and homeowners not worried about their personal cost for these high-investment products we will see a well needed injection into the economy. Suppliers of high-end sustainability products will see sales skyrocket and that’s not to mention the safe and secure jobs that come with the installation of this technology.

The second announcement from Boris is where we will see the biggest change. Effectively removing red tape from some of England’s more affluent areas to release land for new housing. What this means is local discretion over the rate of building will be removed. Instead the process will work in reverse, the government will give an annual target to local authorities which will be required to designate enough land to meet the target.

Boris states that this is “the most radical reform of our planning system since the end of the Second World War.” As with the Green Deal, this is another two-pronged benefit. Not only will this address the housing crisis and open up the door for many to take their first steps onto the property ladder, it means that the construction industry will be extremely busy, creating new and secure jobs.

These initiatives are welcome and fantastic news for Velocity, whilst construction was one of the first industries to go back to work following the lockdown this was for already existing projects. With these initiatives construction can welcome newcomers to the industry or re-skill those looking to change. Construction is integral to the UK economy and with government support like this the industry will only continue to improve.

Let’s get Britain building, and just like Boris says not be “prisoners of this crisis”.